Castor Oil

Castor Oil And Its Benefits

Castor oil is derived from “Ricinus Communis” or castor seed. With over 90% of it being ricinoleic acid, this is a robust solution that has been passed around for generations.

What are some of its benefits? Why are people insistent on using this as their go-to option?

Here are some of the benefits associated with castor oil along with research findings to back these claims.

1) Enhances Detoxification

Being able to go on a cleanse is something most people wish to do. For those who are looking to eliminate toxins from their body in a natural manner, it becomes pertinent to consider castor oil.

Research has shown castor oil can remove toxins in the body at a rapid rate while not showcasing side effects. This is a significant advantage to have for those who want to improve their health.(Arslan and Eser).

Since it can be used as an effective laxative, it can work well for those who are not only detoxifying but dealing with constipation as well.

2) Removes Dryness From Skin

Dryness and flaking can be attributed to the skin not being as healthy as required.

Many patients are diagnosed with dermatitis, and it can become a lifelong battle to improve the look and feel of one’s skin.

Castor oil being applied once or twice a day can show tremendous improvement. It starts to reduce redness, itchiness, and the appearance of any flaking taking place.

A study done in 2007 was able to show a clear correlation between the use of castor oil and reduced dermatitis in patients (Toxicol).

3) Relieves Arthritis

The pain one feels in their joints can be significant. It leads to decreased mobility and a general unwillingness to move around.

What can a person do for this type of pain?

The consensus is to go with pain relievers, but those are laced with chemicals.

For those who want a natural solution, castor oil being applied to the area is very efficient. It can act as an organic pain reliever.

A comparative clinical study was done in 2009 highlighting the impact of castor on patients with arthritis. The results showed a noticeable improvement in the body including increased mobility (Medhi and Kishore).

4) General Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

A study completed in 2000 demonstrated castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties for reduced swelling and general pain relief. It was able to soothe the body and help it engage in the healing process (Viera and Cirello). This illustrated the impact castor oil can have on the human body when it is used and applied with purpose.

These are the benefits of castor oil for those who are willing to use it in their day-to-day routine. It has a powerful impact on one’s life effective immediately and using it is highly recommended.

With several studies illustrating its tangible value, the benefits are well worth the effort to acquire and use it.

It is also recommended to speak to a physician before commencing with castor oil as this can ensure any case-related concerns can be alleviated.


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