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Dead Sea Mud Mask: What Are The Benefits?

Who would have thought that putting mud on your skin could be beneficial? Actually, it’s not just any mud that offers amazing skin healing benefits, it is the magic mud from the Dead Sea. What is so special about mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth?

The Dead Sea is quite unique. It has high concentrations of salt and contains rich minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The mineral-rich Dead Sea mud offers many benefits as it naturally cleans, detoxifies, and exfoliates the skin, along with balancing its pH level. Also, Dead Sea mud masks stimulate the circulatory system, which also benefits the skin in many different ways.

A Dead Sea mud mask creates a more youthful appearance of your facial skin. It reduces excess oils, improves the elasticity, and minimizes wrinkles, lines, and pores. When you apply the mud to your face and allow it to dry, toxins in your skin are drawn out. Also, dead skin cells are removed thanks to the exfoliating nature of the mud. This leaves you with clean, clear skin, and a radiant glow.

The mud mask also offers benefits to those with skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis, and acne. The exfoliating, cleaning, and detoxifying effects treat the skin and offer calming effects.

The reduction of cellulite can also be seen when you use a Dead Sea mud mask. Cellulite is fat and various body fluids that are trapped under the skin and have a cottage cheese appearance. When you massage Dead Sea mud on the areas with cellulite, the minerals–potassium, calcium, and magnesium, promote the circulation of blood in the area and help to relax the nerves. The circulation helps clean toxins out through the pores. What is left behind is smooth, healthy skin.

Hair loss can be prevented by using Dead Sea mud masks. Scalp infections, stress, and heredity all are all common causes of hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the hair follicles’ blood vessels shrink causing oxygen and food to be cut off. Without these necessities, hair protein is unable to form and the hair falls out. Massaging Dead Sea mud masks on your scalp and allowing it to sit for at least 10 minutes, this creates healthier skin which prevents hair loss.

Applying mud from the Dead Sea to aches and pains offers relief, too. Ben Gurion University researchers performed a study involving patients with knee pain. Those that used the mineral-rich Dead Sea mud mask on the affected area reported pain relief. Nerves are relaxed and the circulator system is stimulated due to the high mineral concentration of the mud.

As you can see, mud from the Dead Sea can benefit your skin in so many different ways. Whether you simply want to look better, want to heal acne or other skin conditions, reduce the appearance of cellulite, prevent hair loss, or relieve pain, this magic, mineral-rich, mud mask can do all of that and more.

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